The following utilities are available at the Gateway Center.

Water and Sewer:

Water and sewer is supplied by The Town of Johnstown and is available to the lot line for all platted lots. Maintenance of the water and sewer system will be handled by the Town of Johnstown.


Electric power is supplied by the Poudre Valley Rural Electric Authority and will be delivered to each lot line.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas is available to each lot line and is supplied by Public Service Company of Colorado.


All streets are built to the standards of the Town of Johnstown and are dedicated to the Town. The Town maintains the streets. All platted and approved lots now have access through a paved street.

Fire Protection:

Fire protection is provided by the Johnstown Fire District. Water hydrants are located on the property as recommended by the Johnstown Fire Department. Ten and twelve inch diameter water lines run through the Center and will supply sufficient water for fighting fires. However, it is the responsibility of each lot owner to design a sprinkler system, if required by code, with adequate pressure and flow including on-site pumping, if necessary.


Each lot owner is responsible for contracting with U.S. West for the installation of the desired number of telephone lines to the improvements. A trunk line has been installed to the Center, and conduits have been installed to each lot line.